Love is in the air…

Ok…! Us girls, even if we dont want to admit it we sort of like Valentine’s day. Females are most of the time romantic and to be honest, some romance is always good and can spice up things. In the past it didnt bother at all when a boyfriend didnt get me a little prezie on the day or the other way around. For years now I find it that the whole thing is very commercial. However I came across some beautiful pictures on some of my favourite blogs that thought to share!
Maybe I will do this as a weekly theme and try to post one inspirational image each day up to following Tuesday!!!

So I came across this beautiful print called 51 Love Stories by Paul Octavious which is gorgeous and m thinking of getting it sometime very soon. If I get it I will post a picture of it hanging 🙂 His work is really good and very inpirational. Check his site out!!!

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