Still on vacation mode, I was looking the other day on all the stuff I got from Delhi and Jaipur and made me thinking what would I do with the wonderful saris I got. Buying saris or fabric is alltogether a unique experience. Taking off shoes, sitting down, sipping tea and the magic begins by the shopper unfolding lots and lots of colourful fabrics. After couple of hours you just end up more and more confused and not know which one to get. Well I definetely cannot wear them as saris, not in Greece at least, so I started wondering with what could I do. I did came across with a list of 58 different ways  from Good Grace Craft. Here you can see my top 20 from this list.

For those who are not sure what a sari is…
A sari is a traditional dress worn by women in India that can be worn as an everyday garment or as a special wedding dress. The sari is a long piece of fabric that is wrapped and draped around the woman’s body using a petticoat as a way to secure the sari in place. There are many different styles of sari draping, but the most common and easiest way to wrap a sari is by making simple pleats and wrapping the fabric around your body in a counter-clockwise direction.Different parts of the Indian Subcontinent wear the sari with different drapes, for instance women in the north will wear it with the drape coming from back to front, in the south women will wear it with the drape thrown over the shoulder.

1. Pillow cases
You could block print/stencil designs onto a plain sari and sew up some pillowcases
2. Curtains
Thin saris can be used as summer window/door curtains…
3. Table cloths
Use the sari borders as for bordering the table cloth, extra lengths of the sari could be used for lining
4. Throws 
Make throws to warm up your favorite reading chair or diwan-colorful and functional
5. Wall hanging-same principal as framed wall art
…handing up a dressy, embellished sari piece can spice up a dull or plain room
6. Box covers
Use the sari to cover big cardboard or wooden boxes..funky storage solutions
7. Floor mats
 plait your old cotton saris into soft floormats for your bedroom… Use this tutorial by Vintage Chica.
8. Fabric wall art
Put a length of geometrically patterned sari fabric in a picture frame-it’s instant wall art!
9. Scarf
One sari can give you so many scarves-you can make matching one for all your friends!
10. Salwar + kameeze
Make a whole salwar set from a saree!
11. Skirt-wraparound, a-line or ruffled skirts
…there’s a skirt for every season and reason hidden in each sari!
12. Blouse
Make a sari blouse out of your silk or poly cotton saris-remember to get lining for the blouse done by your tailor!
13. Dresses
Silk strappy dresses, wrap around dresses, strapless or full dresses use the potential of the sari to the fullest…
14. Trim Zari
As trim for sleeve edges, kurti hems, salwar bottoms and skirt ruffles-
15. Pants
Silk pants would look great with a basic black sleeveless top…try different styles and colors to find your favorite
16. Jackets
17. Appliqué patches
Use the pallu designs as appliques on sari blouses or jackets
18. Dyed saris
Did you know you can dye silk saris? Dye your white silk sari into a darker color…
19. Headbands
Cover cheap plastic hairbands with your old saris- instant funky kitschy look!
20. Journal/book covers
Cover your diaries with removable fabric covers…

Here are some ideas for you to get started… 

 Antique Quilt Ottoman by Hay. (Each ottoman is handmade from 4-5 layers of vintage saris hand tacked together and sourced from markets in the Rajasthan area of India.)


 Recycled Sari Silk and Gemstone Jewelry by Missfickelmedia.com
Have you decided what to do with yours then
Still cant decide what to do with mine… so any more ideas?

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