Lilly’s Papillon Branch Necklace

Time flies… and sometimes we get caught up in everyday stuff that we need to finish off and we totally forget what we love the most… It took me ages to write back on the blog something that I really enjoy doing!
So with the start of the new school year I decided to write every week (or at least to try) about all the things that inspire me, the things that I love, my jewellery, other peoples jewellery and many many more.

So here  you go, I present you one of the pieces I handcrafted months ago.
The gold plated silver 925 branch necklace was one of my main pieces I presented at the exhibition of “Jewel Made In Greece” back in February this year.  The butterfly is all hand made, as the rest and hand painted. Only limited pieces have been created as I wanted to be something very unique and something very different.

Very soon just one necklace will be available at the B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts & Music in Athens.
IMG_0004A IMG_0136s


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