Lilly’s Papillon Jewellery at the Museum of Greek Folk Art

I am very happy to announce that for some time now I have been working with the Art Shop of the Museum of Greek Folk Art in Athens. A beautiful store in central Athens, in the area of Monastiraki, that sells unique items, from jewellery to pottery, paintings and all kind of arty stuff in very affordable prices. My task was to create something relevant to Greek folk art and came up with the idea of creating spinning tops as jewellery.As kids we used to collect them and play all the time. For this project I handcrafted necklaces, rings and earrings and used silver 925 and enamel on each item of the set. So here is just a tiny idea of what is in store.

If you pass by Monastiraki make sure you visit this little treasure shop! Its beautiful.

DSC0151m DSC0155m DSC0165m DSC0171m DSC0182m-insta DSC0194m

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